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House of Decay - My Handmade Jewelry
Seattle; Drop by Drop (Original RPG)

December 6th, 2011

01:21 pm

(Usual Disclaimer; Way too many pics, foul language, pixel nudity, insanity, etc.)
The one with all the wedding drama. Part 1.Collapse )

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December 5th, 2011

04:31 pm - The (new) Bellamorte Legacy: 1.3
(Major apologies for the teaser pic mistake from the previous entry, whoops!)

(70+ pics, and the normal amount of insanity, behind the cut.)
The one with all the fires.Collapse )

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December 4th, 2011

04:10 pm - The (new) Bellamorte Legacy: 1.2
Well. I had this all written out, and I freakin' overwrote it starting on the next update. *sighs*

So, first off, sorry it's been so long between the last update and now. I actually have a ton of updates all ready to start writing out, but my life got...pretty shitty, actually, and I lost any and all motivation. Amongst other craptacular things going on, my mother died a week before thanksgiving, so I've been playing the sims a lot lately in an effort to keep my mind off things. So I figured it's time to start updating and maybe get this stupid legacy all caught up finally. We'll see how that goes.

Now, onto the fun stuff...

Way too many pics, foul language, pixel nudity, etc, behind the cut.Collapse )

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October 1st, 2011

06:26 pm - How often is too often?
So I have two more updates basically all ready to go, haven't captioned them yet, but they're all ready beyond that. My problem is, I don't wanna post too often, ya know? But I don't want to get so far behind that I totally forget things either.

So what's a good posting schedual when you have several updates ready to go? Every couple days? Once a week?

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September 29th, 2011

04:40 pm - The (new) Bellamorte Legacy: 1.1

60+ pics, and the usual insanity, under the cut.Collapse )

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September 18th, 2011

09:31 pm - The (new) Bellamorte Legacy: 1.0

I'm so going to regret this...Collapse )

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September 1st, 2011

09:38 pm - Anyone still remember me?
I've officially crossed over to the dark side. I'm a total TS3 convert now. Been playing sort of lazily for a bit now, kind of legacy-style. Would anyone actually read it if I attempted to post it here? Dunno if it would be so much an official 'legacy' or just 'here's some pics and stuff when I feel like posting them' but...yeah.

That aside, I'm mostly concentrating on my jewelry business and my Roleplaying Site.

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June 21st, 2010

11:46 am - Roleplaying?
This has been posted before, but since the site's been revamped and is super active now, I'm posting it again.

I know some of you out there reading this, are fucking great writers. Even if you're only doing it for your legacies, you've all got some serious skills and are wonderful at getting inside your characters.

So I'd like to extend a formal invitation for any of you guys to come join my online roleplaying site, regardless of if you've ever roleplayed before.

About the site:
(From the ad I post on other rpg sites)
"We're a modern day, original supernatural(genre)/Urban fantasy site, with a wide and diverse array of races to chose from. Witches, vampires, lycans of all sorts, Djinn, Fae, Elementals, Winged Humans, demons, and more. We have friendly staff who can always be found on the Cbox, and we're a friendly and welcoming community, without the usual cliques and bs you'll find on a lot of sites out there.

It's an active site, with around 35 members at the moment. We like to focus on character development and attention to detail, while still having fun and not limiting creativity.
We let people choose if they want to use a model, celeb, musician, or even have me create a 3d Poser model just for them. We allow both accounts per player, or accounts per character, linked to a 'main' account. We even have a writing challenges board,, IC Twitter, Im's, and email boards, sections for multiple rp's, Solo Rp's, even journals. We also have a gallery, member created playlists, pic request board,'tagging' system, IC and OOC Cboxes, Sub Accounts, and facebook-style instant notifications for replies and pm's.
<b>We're self hosted, but please don't let that scare you off; it's really no different from any other board host. (And if you've ever been to GoS, then you'll already be familiar with the software)</b>We use BBcode and html, (there's even a quick trick to get Dohtml working), <b>and we are <i>very[</i> newbie friendly.</b> We're used to 'self-host' virgins so we'll walk you through anything you need help with!

Our app's are short, basic questions like age, height, etc, with the focus being on the history (and basics like 'height' 'age' and so on), no official word count but a suggested goal of 200+, although a lot of us average anywhere from 500-1500 words, and more.
We're also very laid back, encouraging members to register and hang around getting to know people rather than demanding applications be posted the minute you join."

Play is done in threads on the message board, and players are encouraged to be as long winded and anal retentive as they please.  The 'universe' is modern day but sort of an alternate version, wherein most supernatural races are well known and most even have, at least some, civil rights. It's set in Seattle, a progressive front runner for Lycan rights and preternatural based police departments staffed and ran completely by their own supernatural groups. We've got a storyline running through june, with another set to start, hopefully, mid July, so check those both out.

The link:

If you're wondering how this roleplaying thing is done, it's simple. You look over the races available, find one you like, and create a character. Some of us have even brought over characters from stories, from other sites we've played on, or from the contents of our heads, and made the most minor tweaks we could to fit them in SDBD's world. I WILL work with people on this, too, to help you keep your character as intact as you can, even if it means creating a new race entirely to fit it into.

After you've got the character idea, you fill out a bio, which is mostly just info. No rolling of dice or assigning of points or bullshit like that. I hate that crap. Anyway, you get that done, post it, I approve it or let you know if changes are needed, and then you're ready to go.
You pick one of the several boards for the rp posts (they're categorized by setting) and you post a thread or jump into an open one. You post as your character, in whatever narrative you feel comfortable, and then the other person would reply to your thread as their character. It's like writing an interactive story. If you're still not sure, I encourage you to check out existing threads on the boards to see how things flow.

Anyway, if you're interested in joining the site, please do! Drop skeletonkiss (me) on there a pm to let me know who you are that you came from LJ and saw this post, and I'll help you get started.

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March 3rd, 2010

05:14 pm - Dreamwidth
So I think I'll be following the herd and migrating over to dreamwidth. I went ahead and transferred all my entires and such to there, and will be (attempting) to post there exclusively now. However, all my entries will cross-post to this journal, so all of you LJ people can still see and comment on them.

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February 23rd, 2010

04:19 pm
Looks like Asylum's gonna win it, so I guess now's the time to ask if any of you have a prefference for how I play it (since everyone seems to tweak it just a little...) and whether or not I use some pre-made sims or make them all myself or what. Opinions, people, I needs them.

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